MUN stands for Model United Nation & Muning, is an oratory skill, like debating, but what separates it from other such skills is the fact, that MUN is internationally funded & encouraged by the UN & is considered as an equivalent to joining a 2-year Cambridge English course, minus the sleepless nights, inane grammar & stiff British accents!

You may be wondering why I am babbling about all this, well I have recently just started Muning & it’s a fantastic experience! It’s so invigorating & challenging at the same time, you get to meet so many people & it’s literally a melting pot for ideas!

MUN simulates the operations of a real UN committee. What happens is you are given a country, say Ethiopia & a committee, like CCC (Climate Change Committee) for example & you are given an agenda i.e. what the committee has gathered to discuss. What you do is present your country’s stance on the given agenda. In a MUN, you become the delegate of our nation so your personal opinions or views don’t matter & frankly shouldn’t exist during the MUN, you must full & full follow your country’s perspective & opinions.

The idea is to help you see things from another’s perspective.

Now you must always prepare at least a week before every MUN, researching about your country, its stance on the issue, its allies, enemies, economic status & the agenda in general. Also, there will be delegates representing other countries so research about their countries as well.

Since MUN simulates UN procedure the whole session has formal phrases & codes that must always be followed, like referring to yourself in 3rd person, always using we, not I, with the permission of the Chair etc.

If you want more in depth & detailed info about MUN procedure, visit

If you want to watch a Mock MUN, watch this:

These links will help you get a basic idea about MUN procedure but the spirit of MUN is not that, it’s in the camaraderie between delegates, the tough situations you are given, the amazing Chairs ( Not the furniture, the person who oversees the committee) the crazy antics of fellow delegates, missing school,😉 learning new information, your new perspective on the world, all this & more are what defines the very essence of Muning.

Granted, MUN does at first seem a touch too formal but once you get into it, you will find that that’s a small price to pay for rewards that will last through out your life. How? Well for all our “I just want a good paying job, a house & 2.5 kids” people, having 1-2 yrs. of MUN experience on your resume increases your chance of achieving what some call the American dream by over 40%! And yes, it isn’t restricted to 1st world countries alone.

But for those who joined MUN because they were actually interested, you are going to reach something greater than this my friends, you are not going to become a Corporate Mogul or an orange faced president, instead, you are going to be a part of an amazing Global Community of ideas, knowledge & harmony.

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