United Nations Day at my School

Hi guys, today I’m here to talk about something that concerns us all, UN! Now don’t worry this isn’t going to be about Donald Trump or Brexit or demonetisation so you can stop worrying about that. This was something I was chosen to do. And pray tell what was I chosen for? Ok, I’ll tell you, but 1st, deep breath everyone because this might just stun you, “I’VE BEEN CHOSEN TO COMPARE, MANAGE, DIRECT & PRESENT A 2 hour PROGRAM ON UN 2016!!!! Now you’re undoubtedly wondering where, why & when?

Well, it all started about a month ago, at my school. It was lunchtime & I was busy bargaining with one of my friends for a spoonful of his noodles in exchange for my Lays chips when suddenly, a towering 9th standard student barged in & proclaimed that I had been summoned to the Principal’s Office!!!! Now I’m not exactly Mr Rules follower so as you can imagine, my knees were shaking & my heart was in my throat as we entered the Principal’s Office or as we like to call it, “The Point of No Return!!!!”.

Once we had exchanged pleasantries & seated ourselves, I waited to hear my judgement. With tension in the air evident, the principal opened her mouth to utter the immortal words” You have been selected to present a program on UN & its policies within a week’s time.” All the terrifying thoughts that had hijacked my mind vanished as I breathed a sigh of relief & replied “Yes”. And so, began a week of turmoil, late nights & training that all were to attain culmination on a Friday.

But of course, I couldn’t have done this without the support, encouragement & wisdom of our school’s Head of the Social Science Department, Shanthi Chandrasekaran Mam.  She was the guiding light for this program & fun fact she was the very reason why I had been selected for this. So big thanks to her. And so, we toiled & trained in preparation for a gem of a program whose script is right below. Now you’re all probably wondering how the show was received & how we trained the actors. Well fear not, for the details are given below. The actors were selected by Shanthi Chandrasekaran Mam & I, with my 5 yrs of experience in the field of theatre, trained them. At first then results weren’t promising, what with actors forgetting their cues or lines & in some cases, turning into emotionless robots. But as the days wore on, the actors began to exhibite their skills & the future of the show seemed bright.

Now fast forward to D-Day, we were busy rallying our forces & readying the stage for our audience of entire middle school to watch & enjoy. Having been in the audience myself for countless amounts of time, I had designed the program to invoke as much joy & interest as I could from my audience. There were a few minor hiccups in between, like the projector not working & actors missing but they were all sorted out & we were ready for battle. And needless to say, we blew the socks of our audience! This program was touted as the best in the history of our school by our Advisor Chandra Srinivasan mam.

You can read the script for Child Rights Denial Plays” (PDF) I wrote for the programme and the speech I gave (PDF).

All this & more sent me to cloud nine. I had never imagined that I could pull off something this big. But I’m glad I did, because I met & worked with some amazing people who have left a deep impression in my life.

Well that’s all for today guys, but don’t worry because I’ll be back.  So until then, Take Care, Bye.

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