An untrue hearing at Supreme Court of India- A work of Fiction

Hello, dear readers, it’s me, your favourite blogger back with another amazing script!! You see one day, yours truly and group of select friends( excluding one or two annoying ones) were fuming at the current status quo and were busy trying to figure out a way to channel our anger into a constructive activity( as advised by all yoga instructors). This drama is the outcome … Continue reading An untrue hearing at Supreme Court of India- A work of Fiction

The different ways we say “Hello”

Hey guys, it’s me your favourite blogger!! I For the past 2 weeks, but I had exams & just couldn’t find the time :(. But now I’m back & I’ve got one amazing post to share with you!! Do you know why we say the word “hello?” when we answer a call? Well, we can thank Alexander Graham Bell‘s  & Thomas Alva Edison’s rivalry for … Continue reading The different ways we say “Hello”

The World Cup is here !!

Hey guys, what’s up! Today’s post centres around a historic event that’s taking place in my homeland, India. No, it’s not another Demonetization nor is it Baahubali 3, it’s the FIFA U-17  World Cup !! You’re probably wondering “What’s the big deal? It’s just U-17!There’s no CR7 Claw, The Flea isn’t racing around, Zlatan isn’t saying “Hail Zlatan” & Rooney isn’t showing the fist.” Well, … Continue reading The World Cup is here !!

The Man with the Plan

Mobile phone is no longer a mere accessory, but an office in our pocket” were the words in reply to a question on how mobile technology has changed our lives.

But what about IT (Software), what is its future?” asked one of the tech guy.

IT alone cannot help shape the world, it should and will bond with biotechnology and nanotechnology to form an unified form of technology that will create wonders that we have not even begun to imagine” came the reply.

The manager began to scribble down furiously, he knew this was good stuff. The five assembled in the room other than myself were notably impressed, but this was to be expected, for what else will you expect when in a private meeting with a world famous Indian. But they weren’t gonna give up and neither was I.

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Why I like IPL?

Good evening everybody, today it’s about one of the most popular and dramatic tournament ever recorded in the never ending history of cricket, it’s the IPL, man!!!!!!!

Now everybody knows about the IPL (Indian Premier League), I mean, who doesn’t know about this explosion of cricket. IPL is a very young tournament, it’s only five and a half years old, it’s sixth edition is still on the run, yet it’s so amazing! But what’s it’s secret? You may ask? Actually, there’s no secret! What!  No, it’s impossible! It’s astounding! I don’t believe it! That’s what you’ll be thinking. But, it’s true and you have to believe. If you look deep into the heart of IPL, you’ll find out why it’s such huge success. I have done some research and I’ll tell the reason.

The reason is, wait for it, wait for it, the reason is talent, opportunity, class, experience, fun and lot’s more.

A photo of a match between Chennai SuperKings ...
A photo of a match between Chennai SuperKings and Kolkata Knightriders during the DLF IPL T20 tournament (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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