The World Cup is here !!

Hey guys, what’s up! Today’s post centres around a historic event that’s taking place in my homeland, India. No, it’s not another Demonetization nor is it Baahubali 3, it’s the FIFA U-17  World Cup !! You’re probably wondering “What’s the big deal? It’s just U-17!There’s no CR7 Claw, The Flea isn’t racing around, Zlatan isn’t saying “Hail Zlatan” & Rooney isn’t showing the fist.” Well, need I remind you that every single one of them broke into their national teams through this iconic tournament at some point in time & today they are national, nay global sensations! Even the Saviour of England, Marcus Rashford & Kylian Mbappe, the dude who broke the transfer market both went through this tournament barely a few years ago!

But this post is not about how this tournament helped these icons find their spark, no it’s about how it’s lighting the football fever in India! True, tournaments like ISL & Pro Kabaddi league are revolutionizing the sporting landscape of India, But they still weren’t anywhere near the glamour & allure of the IPL. Indian football needed a silver bullet, an event so grand, that Football would take over the minds of everyone. And they got what they wished for & so much more.

Sure the Indian team did crash out of the tournament, but not before lighting hope in the hearts of every Indian football fan. You’re probably asking me”why are you celebrating the fact that your national team lost all three of its matches & scored only 1 goal?” Well on paper, India’s performance seems pathetic, but if you look closely, the Indian team played fantastically – considering the fact that this was India’s first FIFA related event! Not only did the performance of certain players impress Indians, they are now turning heads in the West as well, one Indian player’s signature is being sought out by both MLS & Seria A teams!

And you know why I’m even happier? ISL clubs & it’s players will be included the FIFA 18! No longer will Sunil Chetri be a free agent from an unknown country, he’ll be placed on the same pedestal as Robben! All this is a great achievement, not just for the Indian Football, but for the Indian sporting fraternity as well, as it shows the evolution of India from “Cricket Only” to “The Melting Pot of Sports”. And more good news is on the way, even as we speak, India is lobbying for the rights to host U-20 World Cup as well!

Sure, there is a long way to go, but finally, after decades of sweat & toil, the world of Indian Sports is coming into its own.

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