Book or E-Book?

Hey guys, it’s me & today’s post is about an issue that’s very close to my heart, The rise of the E-Book. Now obviously this is a debate which has raging on since the dawn of time aka the day Amazon was created. Now some people have a stereotype that this is a battle between the Generation WW2 vs Generation Y. But its actually more of a mixed bag . There are some veterans who have sided with the Kindle faction while some new kids on the block are on the side of paper. Each side have their on signature weapons. The Kindlers say this is eco friendly while the paperbacks say that the charm of a book can never be replicated by a cold hard piece of metal & glass.

Now every person who knows me , knows that I am a reading fanatic! If you give me an interesting book , I will forget the whole world & basically turn into a statue! Not even the news that Trump got punched in the face wouldn’t break my trance & that’s something impressive. Now I am the proud owner of 250+ books & 75+ e-books on my Kindle.

2 years ago, I was hardliner of the Paperback faction, spending half my day holed up in the corner of a library, flipping through hundreds of books in under an hour. I was simply disgusted by the invention of the e-book & even spent 3 months trying to convince my friends that e-books were as sacrilegious as converting from a Man Utd fan into a Man City fan!!

Now you may be wondering ” Then why in god’s name did you buy 75 e-books , are you a traitor to the Old Trafford warriors!!!!?” . First no, I’m not a traitor, in fact, I’m as crazy about Man Utd as I am about MSD. But to answer your question, the tectonic shift in my stance occurred due to my dad, the one person who you least expect a teenager to listen to.

It all started with my dad buying the very first kindle & uploading the entire collection of Uncle Scrooge comics into it. I was & still am a Donald Duck family fan. So my dad pulled quite the a smart move. Despite the fact that I was extremely peeved about this, the lure of duck without pants was too much to resist. I tried extremely hard to not like the Kindle but Jeff Bezos was way ahead of me. Not only did the Kindle have access to the entire collection of mankind’s books but it’s compactness also allowed me to smuggle several books into my school , just by slipping it into my pocket!(Yes, I have BIG pockets).

This was a masterstroke by the Kindle faction & boy did it work. Soon I was buying so many E-Book’s that Amazon’s servers crashed through out the entire Asia-Pacific area & they had to send a sea gull that had eaten Tostitos to get me to stop! But what shaped my now middle ground stance? The credit for that goes to an unnamed string instrument teacher who lived sometime in the 9th century.

This may prompt you to ask me” Do you secretly own a time machine?” The answer is no! I do not. But what I do own is 5 page pamphlet on the life of Buddha. I found this pamphlet crumpled outside my school gate. Intrigued, I dusted it off & began reading it. And the part which talks about how Buddha attained enlightenment really had a profound effect on me. I then realised that both factions had equal pros & cons & the fact that I was swinging like a pendulum between both sides was basically driving me insane! I also stumbled upon the fact many people where in a similar situation as me! So like Siddhartha, we realised that the middle path was the best one !

And from this was born the Kindle-Paperback federation or the Kindback federation as it is now referred to by the other factions. And do you know what’s the greatest thing about this? Each member can interpret the middle path to suit their needs. My personal stance is that buy E-Books for most series & paperbacks for sentimental series like Harry Potter.  Now this may not work for most people but it does for me.

So why am I writing this post? To make you, dear readers realise that there is an alternative to these two factions which are tearing at each other’s throats. There is a group which acts as a meditator between these 2 goliaths. We basically do whatever the UN does but for books, instead of countries.

I hope this post gave you an insight into the intricate world of modern day literature & it’s multiple factions. But sadly it’s time for me to bid you adieu, so until we meet again, in this website or the next GM of the Kindback, Farewell!



The Last Dragon Chronicles- The Book Review

Hey guys, it’s me, your favorite blogger!!! And I’m back with my third book review! Today’s post centers around the brilliant Last Dragon Chronicles by the virtuoso of virtuosos, Chris d’Lacey.

This book is a definite for any lover of dragons & those who miss the good old days of the Inheritance cycle. The book is a fresh breath of air for the of- late repetitive dragon novels, which often portray dragons as creatures of eras long forgotten.

The series centers around a seemingly ordinary family in the suburbs of England & their tenant David(oh & a multitude of clay dragons). However, the story doesn’t stop with just these characters & locations, it instead sprawls over the entire globe, from the Arctic Circle to the savannahs of Kenya. The author even takes a page out of the comic book universe, introducing a plethora alternate timelines & dimensions. This is a story filled with magic & ancient pacts, all set in the modern world(now why does that sound familiar?) & yet never separated from the past.

Here’s how this book stood up to my 3 pillars of a good read!!!

1.Duration– Some people say that more pages mean a better reading experience. I disagree. Sure many of the greatest works in literature are massive, but that doesn’t mean that big is better. A long book, after a certain point in, gets tiresome. It becomes so long that the book seems to drag on forever! Small isn’t the best either, an extremely short book would leave the reader yearning for more detail, for more continuity, would leave them with 101 questions to be answered. There needs to be a balance.

The series hovers around the 450-500 pages mark, which for some people, seem way too much. But trust me, those few extra pages are totally worth it!!! Not a single moment do you feel bored or annoyed, instead of like Happy from Despicable Me 2, it reels you in & gets stuck in your head!

2.Plot– What good is a book, without a great plot?
This series has by far, one of, if not the best plot I have ever encountered!! Every single little event has to be closely analyzed & remembered, but even then, the twists & turns will defy all of your predictions & sometimes you’ll be left stunned by your sheer gullibility! The main plot does not reveal itself until the very end of the series, but I’m sure that this melting pot of subplots & pseudo plots will be more than sufficient for even the most avid bookworm.

3.Artwork– The front & back cover & the images within a book are often what prompt people to buy them.
This series’s signature cover will help you identify it from miles away & the variety of colors used will put a rainbow to shame!

Overall, I feel that the author has delivered a spectacular series that has ushered in a silver age for the floundering genre of dragons. This series can definitely go toe to toe with the Harry Potter series, its only real rival at this point & in some cases, even surpass it. The creativity & ingenuity of Chris d’ Lacey is absolutely sublime & I wish him all the very best for his new series, The Erth Dragons (A spinoff) I really, really hope that someday I may be able to meet this successor to C.S Lewis.

Hope you liked this review & are excited for more, Well, That’s it for today, Until Next Time, hrrr!

State of emergency-A Book Review

Hi guys, I’m back & welcome for a change, to a book review! So I was casually wandering around one of Chennai’s innumerable Book fairs(yes that’s a real thing!)when a book with a soldier on it caught my eye. I glanced at the first few lines of the summary & was instantly hooked! I just had to have this book!! So I took a look at the price tag & was delighted that it was a steal of just 150 Rupees! 12 hours later under the cover of my blanket, I continued to be enthralled by this masterpiece created by Sam Fisher.

The book focuses on a top-secret team called E-Force whose main agenda is to help save people in disaster zones. Now you may be wondering ” Don’t we have the police & the Fire fighters to take care of such things?” Well to find out the answer, buy & read this book. This book is a must buy for anyone interested in fast paced, thrilling adventure novels which at the same time are highly relatable. The characters(note the word characters) are often confronted with several real world problems from their conscience to the slothfulness & mind games of modern-day bureaucracy.

Here’s how this book stood up to my 3 pillars of a good read!!!
1.Duration– Some people say that more pages mean a better reading experience. I disagree. Sure many of the greatest works in literature are massive, but that doesn’t mean that big is better. A long book, after a certain point in, gets tiresome. It becomes so long that the book seems to drag on forever! Small isn’t the best either, an extremely short book would leave the reader yearning for more detail, for more continuity, would leave them with 101 questions to be answered. There needs to be a balance.
Coming in at 376 pages, “State of Emergency” has slotted itself into, in my opinion, the ideal number of pages any book should have. Why? Not only do such a number of pages keep the reader interested, they also don’t take up much space, thus greatly adding to its ability to be stuffed inside my math textbook, allowing me to smuggle it into school 😉
2.Plot– What good is a book, without a great plot?
“State of Emergency” comes equipped with a plot that is simply sublime!! It appears to be highly straightforward but in reality, coupled with its sub-plots(of which there are several) this book will bamboozle, surprise, delight, enrage & sometimes make you pause & ponder over its subtle but weighty messages.
3.Artwork– The front & back cover & the images within a book are often what prompt people to buy them.

State of Emergency’s front & back covers compliment the words within to the fullest!! Blacksheep-UK, the team who designed these fantabulous covers deserve an Oscar or at the very least, an Emmy!!

Overall, I feel that the author has delivered a power-packed novel that keeps the reader guessing until the very end. The plot twists at first appear to be the same tired & tested ones but they reveal their depth & significance only much later in the story. The explanation of high-tech instruments is lucid & isn’t hampered by lack of detailing nor is it straitjacketed by the use of too much technical jargon( Case In Point, Apple products, they use high fangled terms to trick us into thinking that the new iPhone is better but in reality, it’s worse!! I’m on to you Apple!!, you can’t-fool me!!!)
The book is a beautiful symphony created by a maestro whose name we will all hear more about in the coming years! I’m definitely not qualified to critique this book but I do have one suggestion. A touch more mystery could have launched this already mind-blowing plot into the stratosphere but it isn’t something that has to be considered, it’s just my opinion. I seriously recommend this book as a worthy successor to the vacuum left by the books of Wilbur Smith. Plus, this book isn’t a stand-alone, its part of an ongoing, yes ongoing series!!!!! And you know that means for me, more books to smuggle into to school!!!!
Hope you liked this review & are excited for more, Well, That’s it for today, Until Next Time, farewell!

How I taught my Grandmother YouTube

Hello world, it’s time for my 1st set of weekly posts! And this one is a kicker! The reason for this title is my own grandmother & my desire to create a more modern-day version of  Sudha Murthy’s award-winning book” How I taught my Grandmother To Read”, a delightful book whose rainbow colours were obscured by the monochromatic fact that we had to mug it up, just to get a measly letter on our report cards (Curse you Education System). Aside from the fact that my post which will tear up this decrepit system is on track to get published very soon, the inspiration for this particular post began about 2 days ago.

My Navaratri holidays had begun & I was in paradise, beating my friends in online FIFA 17 matchups, wanting to watch Kingsmen: The Golden Circle, Praying to God that both Lukaku & Dhoni should get an Oscar when I caught sight of my usually chatty & lively grandmother, looking sullen & crestfallen. So I walked up to her & so began the ensuing dialogue:

Me: Patti (Tamil for grandmother), what’s wrong?

Patti: Nothing Vaageesh, I just feel so bored these days (Ok a bit anti-climatic but hey it’s the truth), there is no excitement in my life anymore.

So I thought to myself, how do I bring excitement into the life of someone who had seen more than seventy years of this world, when it hit me, she hadn’t seen the one thing that had turned Homo Sapien (wise human) into Homo Sapien Sapien (futuristic human), The internet! So I bolted upstairs, grabbed my laptop, a chair & prepared to send my grandmother into the world wide web.

This was easier said than done, it was an exhilarating & curious experience trying to explain to her this world which was like second nature to me but a conundrum to her. I enjoyed explaining simple concepts like Google to her & I saw that this was opening new doors for her.

The next step was, of course, the most popular destination in this Universe, YouTube. I was floored by my grandmother’s excitement about a place where she could binge watch just about anything from the weather to Trump’s toupee (I think this was due to the fact that I had used south Indian soap-operas as an example). She made remarkable progress, subscribing to half of South Indian TV’s YouTube channels, getting brand new material to discuss with her friends & generally getting a brand new lease of excitement. She is quite the multi-tasker, watching Big Boss, chatting with my aunts, skyping her relatives all at the same time.  I am astonished that her love of learning hasn’t diminished after so many years, it truly does inspire you to want to be the same when you reach that golden age.

I am planning to introduce her to WhatsApp very soon, but I am currently busy trying to explain to her why a mouse is called a mouse, so I have to go, till next time my people, till next time.


The Adventures of Morty

Hi guys, I’m back & it’s time for something new, my 1st book review!!!! I’m a voracious reader & have breezed through books like Deathly Hallows or Lord of the Rings within a matter of hours! But I’ve decided to start with the basics, a book for 8 year olds, penned by my Dad’s friend’s daughter, a 10 year old – Shraddha Anu Shekar.

The book focuses on the travels & exploits of a kid detective by the name of Morty, who by the way, is a turtle. The book is a definite buy for anyone looking to enlighten their child about the world & at the same time, make it fun & interactive. All the artwork is done by the author, but since I’m the worst artist to ever walk this planet, I can neither praise nor critique her.

I usually judge books by my 3 pillars of a good read.

1.Duration– Some people say that more pages mean a better reading experience. I disagree. Sure many of the greatest works in literature are massive, but that doesn’t mean that big is better. A long book, after a certain point in, gets tiresome. It becomes so long that the book seems to drag on forever! Small isn’t the best either, an extremely short book would leave the reader yearning for more detail, for more continuity, would leave them with a 101 questions to be answered. There needs to be a balance.

The ‘Adventures of Morty’, unlike many books in its category, doesn’t suffer from this. It’s very well balanced at 65 pages & gives a satisfactory amount of detail & simplicity.

2.Plot– What good is a book, without a great plot?

‘Adventures of Morty’ is well equipped in this area as well. The plot is simple, but at the same time manages to be informative & jolly.

3.Artwork– The front & back cover & the images within a book are often what prompt people to buy them.

The Adventures of Morty’s front & back cover are beautifully illustrated & hats off to the designer for it. The artwork inside is all hand drawn so it really helps the reader to connect with it.

Overall, I feel that the author has done a very good job & has really managed to get the reader hooked. The book is not strait jacketed by any deep plot or moral & so makes it a very fun & enjoyable read. It has a style & feeling reminiscent of Little Einsteins, a cartoon that I learnt a lot from when I was kid. The places visited in the book are very well researched & described in detail. The dialogue is lucid & simple yet still helps the reader to learn new words & phrases.

The book is part educational, simple & most of all, fun to read! It checks all the right boxes & more. The only suggestion I have is that the language used could have been a notch higher. It would’ve really amped up the book’s already stunning plot. But other than that, kudos to the author & her book. Hope that a sequel will be released soon.

I hope that you liked this review & are excited for more to come.

So time for me to scadoodle, see guys in the next one, Take Care, Bye.

P.S Pray for a sequel everyone, pray.

P.S.S Almost forget, the next review will be on something, you’ve never heard about.

P.S.S.S Ok, this is the last one, I’M WRITING MY OWN BOOK!!! It’s been in the pipeline for months & now is really coming together & who knows, pretty soon, I might even rub shoulders with greats like JK Rowling & Amish Tripati. (This doesn’t mean that the author of the above book doesn’t have the capacity to do the same thing, this is just my wishful thinking at work)

My first Amazon Purchase!!!

Hi guys, its me & as the title implies, today I’m going to be writing about my very 1st purchase without any favours called in. So why did I do it? And what did I buy, you no doubt would be thinking to yourself. A Samsung Galaxy S7 Batman special edition perhaps, or what about a laser triggered camera for spotting wildlife or could it be a Pokemon GO themed phone battery case? Sadly , though I would love to have bought any one of these treasures, they were slightly out of my price range.Oh who am I kidding, They were waaay out of my price range!

Image result for samsung s7 batman edition

BatMan Phone

Image result for Laser triggered wildlife camera

The wildlife camera

Image result for pikachu themed case

The Battery Case

 Instead I bought the last book in the inheritance cycle(Note: The author says that a 5th addition to the series will be released soon), a mind-blowing series that I had been reading for the past 4-5 days.   
Image result for inheritance book

The book I bought( Yes, I know, why would you give a book the same name as your series?)

It’s an awesome series by Christopher Paolini that rivals the likes of Harry Potter & the Hobbit ( I should know because I have read all the Harry potter & Hobbit books as well as seen the movies). The story is extremely gripping & has so many twists & turns, it would make the Colossus rollercoaster disappear in shame. I highly recommend it to teens of my age(13-15yrs) & also to people who are currently searching for a new fantasy world after Harry Potter & Hobbit.

Any way back to the purchase, you see , I had been bugging my dad for over 2 days to get me the final book as I hadn’t been able to find it in any library & I was desperate to find out how the series concluded , so yesterday night he called me into his Man cave( His office, he liked to call it)

Dad- Vaageesh, please stop bugging me about this book, I have a lot of work to do this week, please understand.

Me- Appa( The Tamil word for dad, used here as it is my mother tongue) , please I have got to get this book, otherwise I will die with anticipation.

Dad- Why don’t you buy it yourself on Amazon using the Gift card I gave you for your birthday last month?

Me- Appa, you can’t be serious, how can I, a 13yr old , buy something by myself, that to from one of the largest online shopping websites/tech company in the world?What if I goof up or something?
Dad- Look you have to start learning how to do things by yourself,also aren’t you always bugging me about giving you more freedom in life. So here is your chance to prove to me that you are worthy of being given a little more freedom.

Me- Fine, I’ll give it a shot.

Image result for hp notebook 15-ac1010tu all

My HP Laptop

 So I booted up my HP & logged on to my account( yes, I had one in order for buying books for my kindle). I searched for the book & I soon got it in the options. I clicked on it & checked all the details to see if the e-book was legitimate. I clicked purchase & it immediately took me to the pay out page. It asked me the way I was going to pay & I clicked on the gift card option. It began processing & I was so scared to look that I covered my eyes. After I heard a beep from my Kindle, I slowly uncovered my eyes to see that the purchase was successful!!!!! I whooped with joy, a whoop which would probably have been heard on top of Mount Everest! I rushed to tell me dad about this & he congratulated me for my success. He said that he was very happy & he also said that it was the final confirmation he needed to execute his big surprise for me, when I asked him what it was & he slowly turned his Mac for me to see. I was stunned, for what was on his screen.

Wait for it….

A mail to his friend in US who was going to visit us on August to buy & bring the brand new Xbox One S with a customized controller for me when he came!!!!!!I was over the moon. That was one of my greatest days ever!

Image result for xbox one s


So that’s all for now & I’ll see you next time, Take care.


My favourite authors

Good evening to everybody.

it’s nice to get back to all of you. Today it’s all about my favorite authors who are greats in their own genre’s of writing. I shall now speak about them one by one.

First is, the humorous, the enjoyable and the kid’s favorite, Roald Dahl !!! We all know who this great is, don’t we? This legend of an author was born on 13th September 1916 at Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales. Dahl’s family consisted of his father, Harald Dahl, his mother, Sofie Magdalena Dahl, his three sisters, Arfi, Alhfid and Else. Dahl and his sisters first studied in The Cathedral School. He disliked the school and was a trouble to his teachers as he was one of the silent killers in school. One of his most daring pranks was on his English teacher, Mrs Peter who was a crabby woman, always making the students do all her work, while she lounged around much to the hatred of the naughty kids who try to play around their tricks with her. One day after a serious rendezvous, Dahl along with his friends and with the rest of his class (except the class bully, Ben) put together a neat plan to teach Mrs Peter a good lesson. They all planned it for the 5th of November, Mrs Peter’s birthday. There was a huge party organized in which Mrs Peter who  enjoyed thoroughly, forgetting about everything that came to her mind. When it was time for the cake cutting all the children tried hard to remain calm so as to not make a mess with their “party-spoiling” plans. The moment the cake was cut “BOOM!!!”. The cake hit hard Mrs.Peter’s face, who recoiled and gaped at what was happening which made her fell down with such force that you might think she was going insane for a brief moment. The moment the cake was launched, the children sped fast like Usain Bolt. Mrs Peter found all of them hiding in the playground…….well, not all all except for Else. She was hiding in the janitor’s closet which was opposite to the classroom. She rushed into the class and swapped the prank table with Ben’s one. Suddenly, all the students along with Mrs Peter entered the room. Mrs Peter called Else and said, “Your brother is the root cause of this problem, but if he can prove himself innocent,I’ll buy him to 2 gob stoppers a day”. She kept a pencil box on the table and said, ”Now Dahl, press the table”. “Okay” said Dahl,but when he pressed the table nothing happened. Stunned, Mrs Peter said, “I must be losing my mind”(which was true, although).

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