The Adventures of Morty

Hi guys, I’m back & it’s time for something new, my 1st book review!!!! I’m a voracious reader & have breezed through books like Deathly Hallows or Lord of the Rings within a matter of hours! But I’ve decided to start with the basics, a book for 8 year olds, penned by my Dad’s friend’s daughter, a 10 year old – Shraddha Anu Shekar.

The book focuses on the travels & exploits of a kid detective by the name of Morty, who by the way, is a turtle. The book is a definite buy for anyone looking to enlighten their child about the world & at the same time, make it fun & interactive. All the artwork is done by the author, but since I’m the worst artist to ever walk this planet, I can neither praise nor critique her.

I usually judge books by my 3 pillars of a good read.

1.Duration– Some people say that more pages mean a better reading experience. I disagree. Sure many of the greatest works in literature are massive, but that doesn’t mean that big is better. A long book, after a certain point in, gets tiresome. It becomes so long that the book seems to drag on forever! Small isn’t the best either, an extremely short book would leave the reader yearning for more detail, for more continuity, would leave them with a 101 questions to be answered. There needs to be a balance.

The ‘Adventures of Morty’, unlike many books in its category, doesn’t suffer from this. It’s very well balanced at 65 pages & gives a satisfactory amount of detail & simplicity.

2.Plot– What good is a book, without a great plot?

‘Adventures of Morty’ is well equipped in this area as well. The plot is simple, but at the same time manages to be informative & jolly.

3.Artwork– The front & back cover & the images within a book are often what prompt people to buy them.

The Adventures of Morty’s front & back cover are beautifully illustrated & hats off to the designer for it. The artwork inside is all hand drawn so it really helps the reader to connect with it.

Overall, I feel that the author has done a very good job & has really managed to get the reader hooked. The book is not strait jacketed by any deep plot or moral & so makes it a very fun & enjoyable read. It has a style & feeling reminiscent of Little Einsteins, a cartoon that I learnt a lot from when I was kid. The places visited in the book are very well researched & described in detail. The dialogue is lucid & simple yet still helps the reader to learn new words & phrases.

The book is part educational, simple & most of all, fun to read! It checks all the right boxes & more. The only suggestion I have is that the language used could have been a notch higher. It would’ve really amped up the book’s already stunning plot. But other than that, kudos to the author & her book. Hope that a sequel will be released soon.

I hope that you liked this review & are excited for more to come.

So time for me to scadoodle, see guys in the next one, Take Care, Bye.

P.S Pray for a sequel everyone, pray.

P.S.S Almost forget, the next review will be on something, you’ve never heard about.

P.S.S.S Ok, this is the last one, I’M WRITING MY OWN BOOK!!! It’s been in the pipeline for months & now is really coming together & who knows, pretty soon, I might even rub shoulders with greats like JK Rowling & Amish Tripati. (This doesn’t mean that the author of the above book doesn’t have the capacity to do the same thing, this is just my wishful thinking at work)

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