It’s Tikki Takka time!!!!!

All those who love a good football match, please raise your hands!!!!! A vast majority of you would say heck ya because this Beautiful Game is celebrated throughout this Universe ( Uni= One, Verse= Song, so essentially One Song). Well some of us are great at playing the game but aren’t so great when it comes to managing( I’m looking at you Maradona) while others aren’t great players but are the greatest managers ever. Well I belong to the latter half, I’m certainly not up there with the greats like Sir Alex & Jose Mourinho but I am a mean strategist & my FIFA 17 records prove it!

But some of you would say ” That’s just a game, it’s very different in real life”, Well I agree with you so for the past few months, I had been pestering my class football team to let me manage them for just one tournament. Finally about 2 weeks back they had caved in & had made me their manager for an under 18 tournament that they were going for.

I was Super excited, it was going to be my first time managing a real team. So I decided to get a few formations & tactics ready. My friends were highly sceptical of my abilities(by highly sceptical, I mean Comments dripping with enough sarcasm to fill the ocean)This seriously unnerved me( as it was meant to) & I gingerly sent some pics of my formations in our WhatsApp group, seriously expecting them to treat it like a joke.

A 4-4-2 Football Formation

But to my surprise, The first comment wasn’t a GIF of laughter but was one praising those formations. This nearly caused me to faint! Several such comments were to follow & suffice to say that I was acting like someone had fed me Coffee & Red Bull at the same time, such was my level of joy.

The next day was D- Day so as to speak & when we gathered at the indoor stadium, we were given quite the rude shock, Every single one of the opponents was built like a bull & had beards that would give Santa Claus a run for his money! I went nuts! I ran around screaming” We’re all going to die!!!” about 50 times until my friends managed to calm me down. Taking a deep breath, I decided that the best course of action was to use our tactics & strategies to counteract their superior strength & pace. While my team was warming up, I was busy observing our opponents, learning their weaknesses & strengths & trying to see which formation would increase our chances of winning the most.

Finally with all my research was done, I briefed my team about what to do & made sure that each one of them understood their roles perfectly. But that wasn’t a difficult job because these guys were some of the best players in our entire school & had some fantastic footballing brains up in their craniums, so this was super easy for them to understand.

So prep done, we headed out to battle. We played 2 matches, lost one & won the other, but we didn’t to qualify as the team that had beat us had won both their matches, including ours, thus automatically qualifying for the semi-finals & nothing could have been done about it. Deflated we returned to the dugout where the two teams that played against us congratulated us! We were confused as to why they would do so when one of them explained that they were 2nd-year college students & they had never gone up against 14 yr olds who put up such a fight or had such efficient strategies. We were stunned for a few seconds but then we burst into celebration, due to the fact that we had beaten a group of 2nd-year college students( Ironically the scoreline in that match was 2-0) & had impressed another group of them.

Compliments flew around, each one crediting someone else for the win, my name included! But the kicker for me was that they declared that I would be their manager in every tournament from now on. Once more I fainted but not on cement flooring, instead of like an act of fate, on the green turf right in front of Sir Alex’s Painting.



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