My second marathon

Hi guys, I’m back with another new experience to share with you today. It’s about my 2nd marathon!!

The marathon was organized by TiE Chennai to celebrate entrepreneurship & also to venerate the TiE Global Summit which was to take place in Delhi (India) for the 1st time. The marathon had two categories, 3 KM & 5 KM. The event was to take place in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Chennai, the home ground of Chennaiyn FC (A popular football club in ISL. They have sort of acted as a replacement for CSK). Now, before I get into all the nitty gritty of the event, I would like to talk about something remarkable that I saw while I was there. Now don’t expect me to say something crazy like Aliens singing & dancing or Batman enlisting me as his new sidekick (Though I would’ve loved for that to have been true).


What really wanted to talk about is concerning a dog. Yes, you read that right, a dog! Now this dog had been watching the marathon from the start all the way to its end & even joined in at the last. So if a dog could write about this event, this is how I think it would.

Yawn!!! Good morning world.

Hey what’s going on today?!!!

(Looks around) What the heck are all this humans doing here today & that to this early! It’s not 1 of those loud ball kicker days, is it?

But those infernal things are never this early & they’re never this many humans around my potty line. Hmm! Why are all of them gathered around that big stand thingama jiggy? And why in the name of Bhairava are they wiggling their tails & paws all over the place??!

And they’ve brought their cubs too! Humans are weird but their cubs are even weirder! Some of them wear weird bits of the “Stone that burns & freezes” in their mouth & others wear objects of the “Stone that bends like water” with the “Stone that sees through all” within it! Another group douses themselves in “Smoke that chokes”. The list goes on & on.

Now what’s this, they’ve all gathered & are listening to a person, who judging by his midriff & the 2 stones he holds, appears to be their alpha. He is growling into 1 of those stones which has greatly magnified his voice, so much so that the other humans have stopped peering into their “Stones that Show the Lights of others” & started listening to him. He is madly gesturing towards my den & when he finishes, there is a thunder of approval from the other humans. I suspect that he is planning to drive me & my brothers from our home so that the humans may raze it down & build another one of their queer mountains of grit. The other humans must be here to assist him in this & the cubs have been brought here for their first lesson in human greed. I can’t let this happen! I’ve lost enough of my brothers & sisters to these maniacal humans.

Oh no, they’ve readied themselves into a pack! I must hurry (Runs down from the stands) Arrgh, Bow! Bow! Bow! (Stop! Stop! Don’t you dare touch my home or there will be severe consequences) (Sees them running) NOOO!!! Stop! Don’t you dare! What’s this, they’ve all turned away from my home!! Ha-ha, run puny humans, run for you can’t defeat me!!! (Lops to his seat) I’d call that a success!!

But wait, why are they running around on my scent trail again & again! This is one the weirdest things I’ve ever seen humans do! Ok this is getting very boring, I’m going back to sleep!( Wakes up later) What they’re still going !!! And some of them are wearing shiny versions of the “Stone that burns & freezes” on their necks & dancing about in joy! Well maybe I should help these remaining humans finish their chase of stone. Well better go now .

Well see you, bye!!

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