Drishti Play

Hey guys, I’m back & this time I’m here to talk about a drama.

I’ve been learning the art of theatre at Alchemy Theatres for over 4 years now. They are a fantastic troupe who feel that Fine Arts is dying, particularly theatre. Now you’re probably wondering, why & how is theatre dying?. Well, you see, theatre has lost a great deal of respect, what with the current craze over VFX & CGI. No one these days goes to a drama without an invite, well, Alchemy Theatres aims to change that, it wants you to buy tickets for the show in the same way that you buy tickets to go see a movie.

And Drishti, is the first step in that direction. The play revolves around two diametrically opposed sets of youngsters & their view about their country. Now this play is full & full managed & acted by kids, with a few adult appearances. Now don’t underestimate the capabilities of my troupe. We are among the finest drama troupes in Chennai.

Now, you’re probably wondering where I come into the picture, well wonder no more, for the details are right here. Every year, we have an annual graduation show, where we show of our skills & pass to the next grade. These shows are then meticulously studied by our Founder Sri Vijay Viswanathan, who by the way is the Director & scriptwriter of all our star shows, I’ll get to what a star show is later. The best of best are chosen & get to perform as a single unit in the star shows. The star shows are meant to showcase our acting prowess to the public aka putting on a professional show!

Drishti is the 1st of a slew of star shows to follow. This year, it was my turn to rock the stage. I play a comedian called Khasi. The Drishti experience was very different from my earlier annual graduation shows. It opened me up to the commercial side of theatre, with sales of tickets, seat management etc. Oh, and by the way, the proceeds that Drishti collects goes to a project called Bin It! Which aims to make India a litter free country. This project is in connection with Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi’s ‘Swachh Bharat’ Campaign & is backed by the Rotary Club of Madras central. I may have watched several professional plays but I have never been an active part in one. So, this play was a real eye opener in this factor as well.


The team was amazing, with kids from both KK Nagar & Adyar branches of Alchemy Theatre. Though the people from KK nagar were in small numbers, we certainly left a mark. You should have seen our rehearsals; the entire room was buzzing with creative energy. Everyone in there felt that they were mini M. Manikandan’s & Meera Nair’s. The original script was tinkered with & modified so many times that I’ve lost count! There was always some joke or the other being cracked by our resident Vadivelus – SK & NS. We were always helped along by the amazing AD (Assistant directors, yes, they were also kids) team headed by AKR. Our antics drove Vijay sir & PR Sir crazy. I remember one time when SK entered the rehearsal hall with Kabali Theme song playing in the background!!! The whole scene was so ridiculous that we were rolling in ground, clutching our stomachs & laughing, as the, um, I don’t know what to call it, cubby SK & Rajini’s style were so damn opposed.

Despite all our crazy antics, we were still focused on our primary goal of delivering an astounding play. The same show was to be reenacted for 4 consecutive days, so there was immense expectation on our shoulders to deliver a masterpiece of a play every time. But fear not readers, for we blew the audience away & received excellent reviews from well renowned troupes & drama actors. The show also collected a sizeable amount of money which further invigorated us. We have set several milestones in this drama, becoming the 1st ticketed kids drama in Chennai, one of the 1st Indian plays to have a short film for it etc.


Overall the experience was awesome & I seriously want to come back for more star shows. If you missed the spectacular event that is Drishti, don’t feel dis-heartened, for soon a recording of the play will be available for you to enjoy in this blog. So, until that arrives, go to YouTube & subscribe to Alchemy kids & watch the promo for this play & more.

Until next time, Take Care, Bye.

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