My favourite authors

Good evening to everybody.

it’s nice to get back to all of you. Today it’s all about my favorite authors who are greats in their own genre’s of writing. I shall now speak about them one by one.

First is, the humorous, the enjoyable and the kid’s favorite, Roald Dahl !!! We all know who this great is, don’t we? This legend of an author was born on 13th September 1916 at Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales. Dahl’s family consisted of his father, Harald Dahl, his mother, Sofie Magdalena Dahl, his three sisters, Arfi, Alhfid and Else. Dahl and his sisters first studied in The Cathedral School. He disliked the school and was a trouble to his teachers as he was one of the silent killers in school. One of his most daring pranks was on his English teacher, Mrs Peter who was a crabby woman, always making the students do all her work, while she lounged around much to the hatred of the naughty kids who try to play around their tricks with her. One day after a serious rendezvous, Dahl along with his friends and with the rest of his class (except the class bully, Ben) put together a neat plan to teach Mrs Peter a good lesson. They all planned it for the 5th of November, Mrs Peter’s birthday. There was a huge party organized in which Mrs Peter who  enjoyed thoroughly, forgetting about everything that came to her mind. When it was time for the cake cutting all the children tried hard to remain calm so as to not make a mess with their “party-spoiling” plans. The moment the cake was cut “BOOM!!!”. The cake hit hard Mrs.Peter’s face, who recoiled and gaped at what was happening which made her fell down with such force that you might think she was going insane for a brief moment. The moment the cake was launched, the children sped fast like Usain Bolt. Mrs Peter found all of them hiding in the playground…….well, not all all except for Else. She was hiding in the janitor’s closet which was opposite to the classroom. She rushed into the class and swapped the prank table with Ben’s one. Suddenly, all the students along with Mrs Peter entered the room. Mrs Peter called Else and said, “Your brother is the root cause of this problem, but if he can prove himself innocent,I’ll buy him to 2 gob stoppers a day”. She kept a pencil box on the table and said, ”Now Dahl, press the table”. “Okay” said Dahl,but when he pressed the table nothing happened. Stunned, Mrs Peter said, “I must be losing my mind”(which was true, although).

Dahl has written many lovable books. Some of his notable works are Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, BFG, James And The Giant Peach, Fantastic Mr Fox, Matilda, The Witches, The Twits, The Germlins, George’s Marvelous Medicine, Danny-the Champion of The World,The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six more. His books always conclude with an unique style of his own that cannot be paralleled by anyone. He used to say that ‘Everybody naturally like being a hero, but still enjoying watching a villain who is more the evil, gives you immense pleasure just because of the fact that you know he’s going to be thrashed at the end’. The most astonishing thing about Dahl was that before being an author, he was a war pilot!! Well,that’s all about Dahl.

So let’s move on to my second author, the funny, indirect and a ‘quizzy’ Jeff Kinney!!!. Jeff was born on 18th February 1971. Jeff’s debut novel was ‘The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid’. It was a blockbuster hit!!! At first, I just couldn’t understand why people were going crazy for this book. Well, if you were in my place you would say that my class had definitely gone crazy! Every single day, I see my friends bring his tiffin box or demanding a bhel puri for just having a glance of this book (that was ridiculous). One day, as soon as we heard from our class leader that the wimpy kid book was forbidden just because we weren’t attentive, the entire class……well, the entire class except me and the leader brought the roof down shouting at each other. I was the head librarian of the class library and so I had contributed most of the books. One day, my librarian said that they were planning to quit as nobody was coming to the library. I felt bad as I had contributed the books with my full hope that they would make an impact on my class to start reading. So now, I had to bear all the work of keeping the library clean, checking the number of books collected and returned and all the other stuff i had been given. After it panned out for 2 whole weeks like this, I was starting to ponder on whether even I should call it “quits” and shut down the library or should I take a break? I decided to take a break, but I had one more problem, who would take care of the library if i quit? I ended this dilemma by temporarily shutting down the library (which i never thought i would). When the class leader informed the class about this, they were elated as they felt that the library was a nuisance. It was around this time that I read my first wimpy kid diary. The name of the book was Cabin Fever. Now I understood why this book had made my class to become like warriors getting ready for an endless battle. When the library was in demand to re-open, I poured in books of all the authors to make sure that no one misses it. I divided the library into 3 parts. The first part was labeled “Roald Dahl Collections”, while the second and third were labeled as “The Jeff Kinney Classics” and “The Enid Blyton Series”. Even before the end of the period there would be just 3 books left in the Enid Blyton section and no books in the first and second sections!!. This made me realize that even the mention of their names, Roald Dahl and Jeff Kinney can draw people like bees` being  attracted to honey.

Well, enough about comical books. Let`s move on to the hotspot of adventure authors, she is the encyclopedia of English mystery authors, she is the one and only Enid Blyton !!!!!!!!!!
We all now Enid Blyton because of her all time favorite mystery books such as The Secret Seven (not to forget the dog), The Famous Five (including the dog Timmy). But this Empress of mystery authors also has many other notable works. A few examples are The Three Investigators,The Five Find-outers and The Dog and so on. But, Enid Blyton has one mean trick up her sleeves. She has written a series of books by the name St Clare’s. It`s a story about a boarding school for girls and who they spend it every term. Enid Blyton truly is the queen of mystery authoring.

Lets` all step out of the fictional world to reality. The writer that I am about to introduce to you in a second is a hunter of man eaters turned wild life conservor. Can you guess who is? He is the shocking, adventurous Jim Corbett!!!!!!! Jim Corbett has a wonderful mixture of dull and entrapping moments in his books. I first came in contact with his books on January 3. My father gave me his collection of Corbett’s books. It was by the name The Jim Corbett Omnibus. It contained valuable stories of Corbett’s life such as the man eating leopard of  Rudraprayag, the Talla Des man- eater, the Chowgarh  Tigers etc. It was beautifully expressed and so realistic that it felt as if I were a part of everything that happened in the book.

Well, we have come to the last leg  of this journey and the name of my last author is Andrew Cope. His books are full of mystery and enjoyment. They are also beautifully crafted. We know him through the two series of books the Spy Dog and the Spy Pups.

So,it’s all over. Hope you enjoyed. Goodbye
(Thanks to my cousin Akshai Ramesh for proof-reading this post for me)

Meaning of few key words:
gaped– looking frightened or astonished or scared with mouth wide open
rendezvous– to have a meeting with someone or somebody
panned out– turned out or it happened to be like something
recoiled– get away from somebody or something with a strong dislike
paralleled– has no match or it cannot be equalled by anybody else

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