What kids need to know about the animal kingdom?

Good evening to everybody out there in the big wide world.

Today it’s all about those poor stray animals we each see every day. What!

Those dirty useless things, they spoil our food and even sometimes try to hurt us and you want us to help them? No way.

English: "The Barnum & Bailey greatest sh...
English: “The Barnum & Bailey greatest show on earth Wonderful performing geese, roosters and musical donkey”. Chromolithograph. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s a thought some of you may be thinking. But still they have sad tale to tell. In the monsoon, when it’s pouring cats and dogs,we are all inside our cosy, warm homes,protected from the rain by a strong roof,watching tv, playing games,reading books,eating etc,those poor strays will have to run hither and thither to find even the least bit of shade. And by the time they find it,they’re soaking wet. Suppose you yourself were a stray dog running to find shade in the constant rain, saw other dogs inside cosy kennels being fed mouth watering food, feel jealous and sad that you did’nt have the same fate as them.Won’t you feel the pain I ask you?

If any of you have been to the circus and seen dancing bears, elephants riding a cycle,tigers made to jump trough rings of fire and lions made to do the loop-te-loop and enjoyed watching it,let me tell you it’s no fun for the animals. They have been separated from their families,poked by a sharp stick and left to starve if they fail to do they’re tricks. Even outside circuses, you can see dancing bears and monkeys.But the street bears have a much sorrier life when compared to the circus bears,they have a big ring fitted in their nose which the trainer can pull if the the animal is’nt pleasing.

Little One
Little One (Photo credit: Sukanto Debnath)

In zoos the pain the pain is no less for the animals. They are sometimes unknowingly fed by little kids who don’t know what they eat. A child may give popcorn to a leopard or a bit of chocolate to a peacock.If the animal eat’s them, they’ll fall sick and to make matters worse some kids hit them with stones.If you see anybody doing such things,alert the zoo keeper or tell them  how the animals will feel and how would they if the they too are treated in the same way and don’t forget to tell them to tell the same thing you had said to anyone else if they were troubling the animals.

Now, back to the strays.

As I had already mentioned,the strays are subjected to a lot of torture. To prevent this,try to adopt any stray animal you like, let it be a cat or a dog.Look after it well and one day you’ll feel a cozy warmth in yourself.That is the warmth of kindness.Well,that’s all that I have to say for today,but there’s still a lot more to say, but you have to wait a bit, till then I’m signing out


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