The way of the Sea

Good day to you, dear reader. Today it`s all about the big, beautiful yet sadly, highly endangered Olive Ridley Turtles. Now you might be wondering “What’s the big deal of turtles, they’re just, well, turtles! Well, I’m here to show you are mistaken, for these creatures have a tragic tale to tell. These turtles once roamed the entire world, but due to our recklessness, their numbers have dropped from 98,00,000 to 6000 in 2 oceans.

These turtles mate during the months of March, April and an occasional mate  happens during June. And for the rest of the year they spend their time in the depths of the ocean. But sadly their mating season is what has made them endangered. Now you’ll be wondering, Hold it I say! I’m confused, first you say it’s because of us, now you say that it’s their own breeding season to be the cause for their plight!

As the turtles come near the shores, they are often caught in gill or ghost nets which are used by a lot fishermen. Almost 60% of the females die because of this. But even those who make it are not safe. The are vulnerable to attacks of stray dogs & used to be consumed by humans as a delicacy before the awareness programmes. Their hatchlings are also not safe. They may be eaten by the dogs or by monitor lizards and sometimes even by ravens. But light is their biggest danger. The moment the turtles hatch, they instinctively head towards  any source of light, thinking it to be the ocean glitter. But some stray towards the roads as they are attracted by city lights and get run over.

The life of the Olive Ridley Turtles life is full of tragedy, but there is a ray of hope for these wonderful creatures.

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What kids need to know about the animal kingdom?

Good evening to everybody out there in the big wide world.

Today it’s all about those poor stray animals we each see every day. What!

Those dirty useless things, they spoil our food and even sometimes try to hurt us and you want us to help them? No way.

English: "The Barnum & Bailey greatest sh...
English: “The Barnum & Bailey greatest show on earth Wonderful performing geese, roosters and musical donkey”. Chromolithograph. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s a thought some of you may be thinking. But still they have sad tale to tell. In the monsoon, when it’s pouring cats and dogs,we are all inside our cosy, warm homes,protected from the rain by a strong roof,watching tv, playing games,reading books,eating etc,those poor strays will have to run hither and thither to find even the least bit of shade. And by the time they find it,they’re soaking wet. Suppose you yourself were a stray dog running to find shade in the constant rain, saw other dogs inside cosy kennels being fed mouth watering food, feel jealous and sad that you did’nt have the same fate as them.Won’t you feel the pain I ask you?

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