The different ways we say “Hello”

Hey guys, it’s me your favourite blogger!! I For the past 2 weeks, but I had exams & just couldn’t find the time :(. But now I’m back & I’ve got one amazing post to share with you!! Do you know why we say the word “hello?” when we answer a call? Well, we can thank Alexander Graham Bell‘s  & Thomas Alva Edison’s rivalry for … Continue reading The different ways we say “Hello”

The Last Dragon Chronicles- The Book Review

Hey guys, it’s me, your favorite blogger!!! And I’m back with my third book review! Today’s post centers around the brilliant Last Dragon Chronicles by the virtuoso of virtuosos, Chris d’Lacey. This book is a definite for any lover of dragons & those who miss the good old days of the Inheritance cycle. The book is a fresh breath of air for the of- late … Continue reading The Last Dragon Chronicles- The Book Review

Grandpa on mute

Thatha, Virat’s grandfather, a sprightly octogenarian, was rapidly going deaf. However, he refused to admit it. Mundane breakfast table conversation took on the overtones of Judgement Day! “Looks like its going to rain today” Virat’s father, might say. “What?” Thatha would shout. “It’s going to rain today”. Virat’s father would’ve to holler. To make matters worse, Thatha loved watching the TV. As his deafness advanced, … Continue reading Grandpa on mute

The World Cup is here !!

Hey guys, what’s up! Today’s post centres around a historic event that’s taking place in my homeland, India. No, it’s not another Demonetization nor is it Baahubali 3, it’s the FIFA U-17  World Cup !! You’re probably wondering “What’s the big deal? It’s just U-17!There’s no CR7 Claw, The Flea isn’t racing around, Zlatan isn’t saying “Hail Zlatan” & Rooney isn’t showing the fist.” Well, … Continue reading The World Cup is here !!