Building a car with balloon

So recently, I went to this summer camp, by ThinkDiff Skool in Chennai. The place is run by my friend’s Mom & it was the 3rd course that I had attended there, the first two being computer science courses that taught me Scratch, the most basic level of android coding & MIT app inventor, the next level.

Coming back to this summer camp, we dabbled into all sorts of Laws in Science. Ok, so studying Laws of science in school (the pit of hell in almost every human being’s life) is drop dead boring, but here we had a damn lot fun. Why? You may ask? Well, number 1, we had the best teachers, who gave us a free rein to chat & to explore the laws, not by reading  from some old, dusty textbook, but by actually going out there & doing it. I know that these, in the pit of hell, are called practicals, but here, we launched rockets to study newton’s 3rd law & got all wet, which in this heat is a god send. Another thing we did was car races. I’ll explain.   ThinkDiff-Wheels-Science-frontFirst, take a thermocol square, & stick double side tape on its underbelly, then take 2 straws & 4 bottle caps & 2 wooden pieces, one thin, one thick. Measure the straws & cut them to fit exactly underneath the thermocol piece, then do the same for the two wooden pieces, but extend the wooden pieces just a little longer than width of the thermocol piece. Then insert, the wooden pieces inside the straws & stick them to the tape. Then make a hole in all the bottle caps, they should be big enough for the sticks to go through them, but small enough that once stick is in , it should be a snug fit.  Your wheels are now ready. Next take a balloon & a straw, some normal tape & some double side tape. Stick the double side tape on top of the thermocol & stick the straw on it, tape the balloon on 1 end of the straw. Leave the other end, slightly extending over the thermocol. Blow into the straw until the balloon fills to the desired size. Close the end of the straw & take it to where you want to race, keep the closed end of the straw in the opposite direction of the way you want it to go, let go of the closed end & the car will shoot forward in the desired direction.

Thank u & hope u enjoyed.

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