Happy Birthday, Go away, come back! Never!

Are you sick and tired of having to listen to that song, Happy Birthday to you. Well, so am I. How long are we going to be obsessed with this tired, overworked, boring song, eh? This song has been around since the 1500’s, that’s like over 5 millennia of the same song. When so many other things from the past are making way for new, more suited items for the new crop of life such as letters, which are now emails, opera for hip-hop and other music forms, it is also time for Happy birthday to pack up and give way to a new, fresh song. I’ve conjured up a new birthday song, so check out both the lyrics and the recording. I really hope that we can reignite the flame of birthdays.

Today’s gonna be A-Okay

Cause we’re celebrating your birthday

Happy birthday( name of the person)

So sing along cause

You’re the best

And we’re celebrating your birthday

Today’s gonna be A-Okay

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