Xavier is now Phoenix

Yep, the title says it all, Xavier has evolved into its greatest avatar,PHOENIX! to Transform to be more streamlined, to achieve the greatest technological advancement, to become we and not I, It requires nothing short a miracle. But we at Xavier, make miracles seem easy.


Xavier is no more a bunch of amateurs trying to box with the tops  no, we are young, we are innovative, we can do anything, we are Phoenix! Phoenix is all set to rock the world of tech. We are currently collaborating with some of the the worlds greatest firms and companies to produce the most cutting edge technology that will change the future of mankind and the earth for the better.

We are working with Antrix* (the commercial arm of ISRO) to provide the world’s satellites, space stations, rockets and shuttles with the most advanced software and hardware, to help us understand this universe in a way we never could have never imagined. We are in partnership with Honda* to provide vehicles with greener fuels, more accurate and advanced GPS, control, safety features. We are working in unison with WWF* (World Wildlife Fund) in producing the most accurate and durable radio and tracking chips. We are also working on an efficient  and reliable poacher locating system to help identify and capture poachers. We are also helping them locate children and people who need education in wildlife preservation. We are also in unison with UNICEF* in providing water purity testers, water purification systems (for rejuvenating lakes, rivers, ponds etc., not for drinking water). We are working with The Indian government* in creating a efficient and eco friendly garbage collection and disposal mechanisms.

Enough about our enterprising achievements, what have we done for our consumers? Well surprise, surprise, we are rolling out our latest smart phone wing, Impala! Impala is  is no amateurish stunt, oh no, this is a roaring machine that is going to take the world by storm. Kitted with our latest Phoenix software and hardware which is as unique and indigenous as ever, we are ready to go, go, go! The first Impala phone, the Impala O9X, is all set to roll out by late August. But the biggest surprise is yet to come. We have a contract as sponsors for a certain football team. Guess who they are? They are the Red devils, Manchester United!!!!! Boom!  So we really are quite busy, but no matter what happens , what ever the challenge, we at Phoenix will always be doing what we do best, making the world a better place.


  • CEO & FOUNDER- TNC Vaageesh
  • Head Director- Pranav
  • Chief in Engineering- Aravindan
  • Finance director- Arvind
  • General manager- Vedant
  • Chief in Software- Devesh
  • Chief in Nature- Navaneeth
  • Chiefs in advertisement – Arun and Pranav

Our Motto: Extraordinary or Nothing

* Disclaimer: The above are all fiction, dreams of a bunch of 12 year olds in Chennai.

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