An idea for a tech firm

The other day yours truly and friends came up for fun with this idea for building a technology firm.

Here I present to you, our truly innovative firm – Xavier. Why we called it Xavier?. It is an adoption of “Save”, our idea is to save the world with great gizmos.


Xavier, a company founded on December 1st 2012 by T.N.C.Vaaageesh and managed by a team of experts. Xavier brings to you the gizmos of finest quality thanks to our ingenious hardware and software engineers. Our engineers work alongside hi-tech instruments, the perfect combination of man and machine. We at Xavier focus on the three Ps `Peace, Precision and Protection’, we also focus on the three C`s ‘Control, Confidence and Creativity. Xavier works to enhance what we have today, for a better tomorrow.


Knowledge is power




Xavier till date has brought to the army and public, some of the most exquisite gizmos the world has ever known. A perfect example of our public phones would be the Xavier 2045. As light as a feather and equipped with some of the most stunning apps and features in the world, it’s truly a dream come true. The most significant feature is that if any part of the phone is either damaged or broken, it`s instantly replaced by an underneath layer which in turn saves your time and money on repairs. A fine example of our tablets is the Xavier Unicorn. Equipped with all the apps and features of all the phones and tabs by Xavier, it is almost a second Brahma. It`s so well equipped that it has an anthem which goes ‘You dream about it, it has it’.




  • Founder & Chairman-T.N.C.Vaageesh
  • CEO & Chief Personal Officer – C.Pranav
  • Chief Hardware Director & Chief Software director-Navaneeth
  • Finance director-Arun
  • General manager-Sanjit surya
  • Chief consoler-Srivatasan

* Disclaimer: The above are all fiction, dreams of a bunch of 11 year olds in Chennai.

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