The Forbidden Temple-The Book Review

Hey guys, it’s me, your favourite blogger!!! And I’m back with a brand spanking new book review! Today’s post centres around the unconventional book that the Forbidden Temple is. This book is a path breaker of various levels and is set in the tumultuous region of Bod, or as we know it today, Tibet!!! Despite the fact that it is an extremely sensitive region, whose … Continue reading The Forbidden Temple-The Book Review

Bittersweet memories

Hey guys, welcome to my first blog post of 2017, sorry 2018 (still haven’t quite gotten used to saying that ) . I hope all of you have a fantabulous & exciting new year!!!! But for me this new year hasn’t exactly gotten of to a smooth start. You see, it all began on Monday morning. I was busy demolishing the formidable stack of that … Continue reading Bittersweet memories

What does this actually represent???

Hey, it’s me, the blogger back with a new post! Most of you of have seen this symbol right? It can be seen everywhere from public toilets to houses. We know it as the wheelchair symbol, but its formal title as per the ISO( International Organization for Standardization) is the International Symbol of Access. When I first heard about this, I was thoroughly confused. Everyone … Continue reading What does this actually represent???

The different ways we say “Hello”

Hey guys, it’s me your favourite blogger!! I For the past 2 weeks, but I had exams & just couldn’t find the time :(. But now I’m back & I’ve got one amazing post to share with you!! Do you know why we say the word “hello?” when we answer a call? Well, we can thank Alexander Graham Bell‘s  & Thomas Alva Edison’s rivalry for … Continue reading The different ways we say “Hello”


Hi dear readers, I am back with a new adventure that you will love! It all started in the new domestic terminal of Chennai. My family and I along with my friend`s family were all set to board a flight to Mysore. The terminal`s modern features along with it`s highly equipped and efficient staff took flying to a whole new level. We were tingling with excitement, for we were going to one of Tamil Nadu`s wildlife hubs, Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary!!

Wikipedia says “The Mudumalai sanctuary lies on the northern and north-western side of the Nilgiris (Blue Mountains), about 80 km north-west of Coimbatore in the extreme north-western corner of Tamil Nadu, on the interstate boundaries with Karnataka and Kerala states in southern India”.

As we boarded the 1 hour long flight , I was filled with excitement as this was a wildlife trip, I loved animals and wanted  to become a wildlife researcher when I grow up. We landed in Mysore at  10:30 a.m, after a short rest we took a car which was assigned to take us to Mudumalai .It was a long and weary drive, as we drove through Karnataka and then entered Tamil Nadu.